Sunday, December 20, 2015

2:19 ~Mary

God gave me this poem the other day while I thinking of Christmas and all that it means. I truly love this time of year but a few years ago, I lost sight of what Christmas is really about and got caught up in chasing a feeling. Since then, God has helped me realize that chasing that elusive "Christmas feeling" is what causes it to be lost. Christmas can only be found when I quit thinking of ME and how Christmas makes ME feel and I focus on my Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord, the God of all creation becoming part of that creation, in order to redeem, to save, to challenge, to change us.
I hope you allow Jesus to invade you, this Christmas and every day.

 2:19 ~Mary

by Victoria Marse
Little baby, oh so small
Lying in the manger stall
He'll grow up to be our king
That's what everyone is thinking
But somehow in this quiet still
My heart feels heavy and I know
Nothing is quite how it appears
And God's son, my son, our Salvation
Won't meet every expectation
The way he came - to me - the least
Yet God sent wise men from the east
No wealth but love have I to give
This baby Jesus come to live
God's mercy shown to all the world
Will soon pierce me like a sword
I attempt not to understand
Simply to ponder and delight
In this precious gift, my Light
Little baby, oh so small
God has blessed me above all
I'm so grateful
I'm so glad
Tonight, I hold Emmanuel

"But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart."
~Luke 2:19

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